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Robert's Bolígrafo Creativo ~ My passion has earned me a new name which is bestowed upon me by special friends and, sometimes, people that I have recently encountered. With the completion of my first novel it was time to obtain the media to promote my book when it is published. My huge inventory of stories and essays need a place to be shared and exposed. So, without further yackety-yack-yack from a storyteller (Boy can he talk!), below are the links to enter the creative world of "Mister Writer," a.k.a. Robert G. Schill. I hope my "bolígrafo creativo" (creative pen) will bring you inspiration and enjoyment. I have enjoyed expressing and sharing my creativity in any media in which words are written. Being patient and allowing "the Universe to work his Magick" has given me experiences to write about that have also enriched my life.   

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