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        Where in Largo, Florida can you find a fresh produce market with a Greek flair? At John's Garden Produce at 11540 Walsingham Road. At this produce market, owned by Tom and Vasiliki Syrillas, you will be introduced to part of the Greek culture that is present in Pinellas County. Tom and Vasiliki take great pride in displaying not only farm fresh produce but a variety of cultural flavors to tempt your taste buds. During July 2008 thier business experienced growing pains and they celebrated with a Grand Opening. Customers were treated to a picnic of barbequed souvlaki (shish kabobs) made with chicken and pork. Also available for sampling was a Greek style salad—greens garnished with tomatoes, onions, potato salad, and generously sprinkled with feta cheese. The produce tables are filled with bright and colorful vegetables and fruits. Other taste teasing, delectable items line the shelves on the outer wall. There you will fine baklava, banana and pumpkin breads as well as other sweets. The display wouldn't be complete with out a selection of olive oils, black olives and Greek dressings. When visiting ask for a sample of tzatziki—cucumbers marinated in a white sauce of sour cream seasoned with garlic and dill. Then great your guests with...



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