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Kiani Tours ~ Vieques Puerto Rico ~  It is with pride that I include the link to the website of Kiani Tours, my most recent accomplishment. My friend, Letty, in Vieques gave me the ultimate compliment when she asked me to build this site. When requesting material to construct a free site the person asked for digital images and written text of all the information needed. To Letty this was monumental task and she said to me. "That to me is work.  You know Vieques, you know my tour, you know me, you have hundreds of photos, you have everything you need." And when she saw the pages for the first time she exclaimed in only the way that Letty can exclaim, "Awesmmmmmmmmmmme! Love it!" Miguel A. Delgado, a mutual friend, did all the translation adding his person touch--groups of my words, expressing my thoughts can not be translated literally. In any language enjoy a little taste of Letty's home in the Caribbean.

Casa Pancho Rústica ~ Cidra Puerto Rico ~ There wasn't a doubt in my mind about creating web pages for my friend, Miguel. He worked his little behind off fixing up the place and the very excitedly would give me a tour as I took photos of the progress. My suggestions were also sought for making this house a rental place in the mountains in Barrio Rabanal. Casa Pancho Rústica has the charm of a farm house in a country setting. It is nestled in the mountains, and for the person that wants to be ensconced in nature this is the place. The solitude that one can experience here is something to marvel. Under the cover of darkness thousands of Coqui (Tree Frogs) serenade a continuous chorus in this sanctuary in the mountains.

Barefoot Adventures Puerto Rico ~ When I announced to a friend that I was using the name Barefoot Adventures Puerto Rico for my touring business the response I heard was, "You mean Bare Assed adventures, Don't you?" I couldn't deny that I am partial to finding pristine beaches where bare feet and bare buttocks could feel the texture of sand without problem. I believe that there are a lot of adventuresome people who will love the kind of places that I frequent. I had considered several different Spanish names but realized when I was shopping and found rainbow feet stickers what name needed to be used. My number one passion might be writing. However being in the out-of-doors is also a passion that is heightened when shared with others. What better way to share nature with another nature lover than offering them a tour. 

Island Kayaking Adventure ~  During the time of being employed as a kayak guide on Laguna Grande in Fajardo, Puerto Rico I had the opportunity to put my story telling abilities to use in creating this site. The flavor that I wanted to express here was a challenge. How do you build a website about a tour that is given at night, the only time when Bioluminescence is visible? The only solution was to take a series of daytime photos to tell the story of the location were our guests would be kayaking in the dark  After creating the website, a portfolio was need to tell the same story on paper. Rearranging the same photos into a Publisher Document provided the portfolio need for tour agents and concierges is San Juan to promote a tour to view this night time phenomena.  The management of Island kayaking Adventure also needed my expertise in development and reconditioning a variety of promotional and informational brochures.

Naked Yarns & Poetry Bare ~ This was my first attempt at building a website and learning HyperText Markup Language (html).  Within a few weeks of starting this project I had a website on the Internet.  It was a great way to share my new passion for writing in the form of stories and poetry about my Naturist Lifestyle.  At that time I was using a male and female pseudonym, both were complimented indirectly about their writing abilities.  I love bright flashy colors--so do my pseudonyms--and the web pages on this site reflect this trait.  However, as time passes so does our taste.  (When I was younger a dry red wine never touched my lips.)  I am passionate about the rainbow symbols that are worn in pride by many living a life similar to mine.  But I realized too, that many bright flashy colors on a web page take away from the professionalism.  After years of thinking that this site was deleted form the Internet it reappeared.  For historic sake this site will be archived as created.

Other Websites and Webmasters

Desarrollo Comunitario en el Barrio Rabanal de Cidra, Puerto Rico ~  Add a "http://" before every letter in Miguel's name and a ".net" afterwards and what do you get?  "One heck of a Domain Name," quipped a technical support person. With an extra long functional Domain Name, Miguel readily tapped into the creative side of my brain. (When not asking for assistance from the creative side of my brain he is antagonizing the other.)  Within a few hours he had his first draft ready to upload  to the Internet. Later that day I could see that Miguel was taking on a monumental project. Excitedly he explained all the different pages he was going to create--filled with local information and history. With his residence being in Cidra for almost 25 years he as a lot to tell about helping develop the community of Rabanal--recording the history a project long talked about. Being computer savvy, Miguel even showed me a few little tricks that I could use in my future projects. We worked together well and "Thank You" needs to be expressed for Miguel's expertise in translating several of the above websites to Spanish. And appreciation is expressed for the inspirational ideas given during our brainstorming sessions.  Miguel Ángel Delgado-Ramos, another "Mister Webmaster" just waiting to happen.

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Passion Fruit Bed & Breakfast ~ On the way to a meeting with Gladys a poem flowed and was scribbled onto a blue envelope. Gladys loved the poem and decided to use it in her WebPages. During our meeting she mentioned that she should have called me two weeks prior to write the text for her website. As Gladys showed me what she been laboring on I explained that I had just completed a project and now had the time for new stimulation. After brainstorming ourselves to exhaustion that warm tropical afternoon, I left the meeting with only a few notes and ideas scribbled on paper. I told Gladys that maybe if I "slept on it" I could come up with an interesting description of her related ideas. The night fermentation process worked! The next morning the text flowed smoothly. After getting the text organized Gladys then enlisted my photography skills. A series of photos were taken and reviewed for use. From her inventory a majority of my photos were used. Later some of the same photos were used to developed bilingual brochures. It was a nice combination using my skillful passions to assist Gladys in her passion of opening her own Bed & Breakfast.

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