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Cracker Rican Cowboys

        When my friend related an incident at work one Saturday morning and said, "Robert, you're going to love this.  There is a Puerto Rican guy at the office that was born in Florida who calls him self a 'Cracker Rican.'"  I wrote Cracker Rican down on a piece of paper and a little while later wrote under it Cowboys.  That was all it took to plant the idea for a new love story.  Then I went on the internet and printed out two photos of sexy men.  I gave them each a name and asked them to tell me what they were living.

            After having the love story edited it was suggested that I turn this story into a novel.  Hell, I didn't want to write about the hurt, pain and the suffering one needs to experience when breaking up a relationship.  (Experiences make good material for a writer.)  But I took my editors advise and it took over three years to complete the novel.  My characters resisted, they didn't want to live a life of pain either.  I would set at my desk not able to write more that a sentence or two.  How was I going to write every day as was suggested in my writing group?  The words flowed smoothly into a Daily Journal which is now over three years old--becoming an addiction.  I recorded into my journal the feelings from my heart until my characters were ready to relate to me what was going on in their lives.  Had a Wise Old Writer advised me to write a daily journal for a year before returning to my novel I would have thought him a Crazy Old Coot.  But that is exactly what it took. 

Novel Update

            I finished writing Cracker Rican Cowboys in November 2005.  It has since been in the hands of my editor back in Florida.  It has taken her longer that expected to get the editing completed.  And it has taken longer that expected for me to pay for her services.  It was three years to the month that Eunice said, "Robert, you have written a beautiful love story.  Now turn this into a novel and write about the relationship being threatened.  Write about how the lovers resolve the issues."  Hopefully by the end of 2006 I will have the first draft ready to submit to a publisher.  There is a lot of work yet to do before I get close to achieving my goal.  But I will get there.

            Marketing Cracker Rican Cowboys is part of the reason for purchasing my own domain name.   Special WebPages have been developed for that project. 

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