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        There is a story to tell about every thing that happens in ones life.  And when people find out that I am a naturist they are intrigued about my life.  So interested are they that they will bring up the subject of nudity more often than me.  The essays I wrote and posted to my Yahoo Group back in Tampa Florida are really the beginning of me becoming a writer.  It was in these essays that the events of my outdoor naked wanderings were captured and posted to TAN-GLO an acronym for Tampa Area Naturists ~ Gays & Lesbians Outdoors.  That group has long since been deleted and I am debating on posting the stories on this site or publishing them.  I think publishing them will win.  However, to wet your taste buds here are a couple stories posted with photos of my adventures to Gay Outdoors.

Descending Naked Into San Cristobal Canyon

            When I first saw the waterfalls I wanted to go there—be close enough to hear the melody and feel the mist. There I wanted to immerse myself naked in the nature of it all. And today, Míguel and I would not only feel the mist of the falls on our naked bodies, but also the downward breeze created as the water cascaded into the pool. It was quite pleasant sitting on a log at the edge of the pool, the constant breeze cooling us in the noonday sun as a light mist rose up above the trees. ...story continued.


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