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Killerplants.com ~ What would a Webmaster be without a digital camera?  My friends, John and Chelsie Vandaveer, publishers of Killerplants.com, were among the first to notice my creative composures. They published a number of my digital plant images, most of which were specimens in Puerto Rico. To the left is a picture of Bejuco Colorado (Red Vine) with an interesting story. During an afternoon hike I stopped and only took two images of this plant in blossom. At the time Chelsie published this image she couldn't find any others like it on the Internet. "Your photo might be the first of Bejuco Colorado published on the Internet," Chelsie told me. I debated adding "Mister Photographer" to the list of many hats that I wear. Our tongues stumble over "Mister Digital Image Taker" and I doubt it will become part of our language. I believe photographer will remain in our culture to describe the person capturing images electronically. It is very pleasing to take images of the places visited and the many beautiful things I see. And it is quite enjoyable to hear someone fussing over the beautiful images used on my WebPages. The images are published for you to enjoy and while visiting the Killerplants home page sign up for their Free Daily Newsletter. Below is a gallery of my photos published in the Plant of the Week Gallery.

Links to above photos published in Plant of the Week Photo Gallery on Killerplants.com

Noni  ~  Turkey Tail Fungus  ~  Chayote

HigŁera Trees  ~ Helecho Lechuga  ~ Bejuco Colorado  ~ HigŁera Fruit

Guanabana  ~  Sassafras  ~ Ink Berry

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