"Hey! Cabin Campers!"

Starkey Wilderness Park

Pennsylvanians; Sunnie, Jordan and Devon traveled to experience the natural area of the Starkey Wilderness Park in New Port Richey Florida. The memory of thier journey is shared in the photo gallery below.                                   

Welcome to the Wilderness


Cabin camping luxury.


Nestled between the trees.

Cabin Furnishings

Each spacious cabin sleeps eight.


A five star facility.


Clean and neat.


Boardwalk behind the nature center.


Prickley pear cactus are abundant. Becareful going barefoot.


The fire ban was lifted and the ambiance was enjoyed.


New life springing forth after the rains in June

Cypress Swamp

Across the meadow from the cabins.

Florida Whitetail

Noticably smaller then their Pennsylvania cousins.

Pine Flatwoods

Near the Anclote River.

Cypress Dome

A cypress swamp, several miles into the wilderness.


The hunter-gatherer.

Illegal Gril Fire.

Don't let the rangers catch you doing this.

Tortoise Den

Jorden and Devon pose by one of the abundante tortoise dens in the tenting area.

Nature Framed

Window to the Swamp

The Hunters Defending Their Mother.

Picnic Table Center Piece

Resurrection ferns that fell out of a tree.

Live Oaks

Native Plant Display

Florida Oak Hammock


Open space adjacent to the cabins.

Colorful Fungus


Nightly mauraders.


Looking for a handout?

Daytime Strollers

Sunnie and Devon out for a walk.

Oak Covered with Resurreciton Ferns

Thankful for the summer rains.

Wildlife Viewing Area

Stump Sitter

"Off with the stolen sandles. I'm taking a break."

Wood For Campers

Bring a log spliter.

Gopher Tortoise

Abundante in the meadow.

Bike Trail

Paved six mile path.


Serenaded By a Frog

In the shower he must have thought it was raining.


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